Volunteer for NEFFA 2017!

This page is for Sound/Lighting/Stage Volunteers only. If you're interested in other jobs, please go here.

Useful information:

If this form is unreadable, please contact NEFFA Sound Volunteer Coordinator <soundvols@neffa.org> for more information on volunteer opportunities.

You'll make our life much easier if you fill out your form by March 25th, but if you can't do that, we frequently have last-minute spots to fill, so by all means send your form in anyway, even if it's late. However, the best spots go to the folks who fill them in on time!

We are providing Sound Engineers (also responsible for Stage Management) in the following rooms, and also need setup/strike people for them: Middle School Auditorium Stage, High School Auditorium Stage, Middle School 103/104, Middle School 105/106

We are also providing Stage Managers to work with the professional engineers in these rooms: Middle School Dance Hall, High School Dance Hall.

In addition, the High School Auditorium needs lighting setup/strike people.

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How many hours are you willing to volunteer? Note that you need to work at least one hour in order to receive free admission to one session. Thus, for free admission to the entire festival, you need to work at least four hours as a volunteer.

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Available Jobs:

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Sound Engineer
Stage Hand
Transporter (Equipment Transportation)
Crew Chief
Media Wrangler
Lighting Setup/Strike
Curtains Setup/Strike
Sound Setup/Strike

Committee-level Jobs:

Sound Logistics Coordinator
Acoustic Curtain Setup Manager

Free Sound Workshops

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